Infographics – Very Useful Tools


I used to create an executive style summary at the end of each year, a snapshot of a dashboard if you will, and presented it to the executive team. It was a great tool, and only being about five pages, it still was too long and did not get much attention.


So I decide take a different approach – I created an infographic. At first I was a little skeptical and thought creating infographics was just a fad. But after creating it and replacing a five page executive summary report, I received the responses I was looking for from the executive team. They had not only read it but understood it and I was then able to get the money and resources I needed to carry on with the goals I had planned for my department and the organization.


I highly encourage you to try one out and experience the success by utilizing an infographic. There are many free sites on the internet, but used PowerPoint. You can utilize Google to find some examples to get you started.


I have attached a sample for reference.


Have fun with creating your own infographic.


Click Here to Open PDF – 2017 Summary Infographic

Cyberbullying Infographic

Need more data on why they are so helpful – check out this article

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