Systems thinking

Systems thinking is about investigating a set of factors and interactions that are contributing to or could contribute to a possible outcome (results).

Systems thinking is a way of making sense of the complexity of the factors and interactions by looking at it in terms of wholes and relationships rather than by splitting them down into parts. It has been used as a way of exploring and developing effective action in complex contexts and enabling systems change in a whole new and effective and efficient way.

The resources below are not comprehensive or polished, that is not their purpose.  The resources are basic wireframes to get you started (the “seed“).  The purpose of the I Power Ideas website is to provide seeds to develop and foster growth and learning opportunities.  Therefore, create your own documents and artifacts specific to your needs.  Feel free to rip and replace or edit freely.  We hope they will provide the seed that will enhance the personal experience and journey for you and your team.

Systems Thinking Resources


We invite you to download these resources, designed to be simple yet effective starting points. Think of them as “seedlings” that you can cultivate and transform into personalized versions. We encourage you to edit and tailor them to fit your specific needs and situations. Enjoy the process!

What is Systems Thinking

Brief summary of Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking Deep Dive (Coming Soon)

A comprehensive Systems Thinking session template.

Introduction to Systems Thinking

Brief summary of Systems Thinking

11 Laws of Systems Thinking

Article about 11 Laws of Systems Thinking.