EOS Entrepreneurial Operating System


Entrepreneurial leaders typically focus on too many things when running their businesses.  The EOS Model illustrates The Six Key Components of any organization.  When only these six are focused upon and strengthened, all symptomatic issues go away.

knowing is everything

Entrepreneurial Operating System

For those who want to expand your knowledge, I highly recommend learning about EOS. 

Here is the link to their website to learn more about it – EOS

The EOS book is also excellent.

The resources below are not comprehensive or refined, that is not their purpose.  These resources are basic wireframes or initial “seeds” to get you started.  The purpose of the I Power Ideas website is to offer these seeds to nurture and foster growth and learning opportunities.  You are encouraged to craft your own documents and materials tailored to your specific requirements.  Feel free to modify, adapt, and overhaul them as needed.  Our hope is that these resources will provide the seeds that will enrich and enhance your personal experience and the journey of your team.

EOS Resources


We invite you to download these resources, designed to be simple yet effective starting points. Think of them as “seedlings” that you can cultivate and transform into personalized versions. We encourage you to edit and tailor them to fit your specific needs and situations. Enjoy the process!

Introduction to EOS

Brief summary of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)

The Vision and Traction Organizer

EOS artifact to help provide a seed about the program.