Ideal Team Player


The Ideal Team Player is a fictional story about a leader desperate to save his uncle’s company by restoring its cultural commitment to teamwork.

The story identifies three virtues of an ideal team player: humble, hungry and smart. These are not inherent traits. Team members aren’t born that way, but they come to embrace the essential qualities through life experiences, work history, or personal development.


knowing is everything

The Ideal Team Player

If you’re looking to enhance your leadership skills to attract and keep top talent, I strongly suggest exploring and implementing The Ideal Team Player attributes and its associated program.  It fosters a culture of growth and synergy throughout your team.

I highly recommend purchasing the book for every manager or leader in your team. You can find “The Ideal Team Player” here:

The Ideal Team Player

The resources below are not comprehensive or refined, that is not their purpose.  These resources are basic wireframes or initial “seeds” to get you started.  The purpose of the I Power Ideas website is to offer these seeds to nurture and foster growth and learning opportunities.  You are encouraged to craft your own documents and materials tailored to your specific requirements.  Feel free to modify, adapt, and overhaul them as needed.  Our hope is that these resources will provide the seeds that will enrich and enhance your personal experience and the journey of your team.

Ideal Team Player Resources


We invite you to download these resources, designed to be simple yet effective starting points. Think of them as “seedlings” that you can cultivate and transform into personalized versions. We encourage you to edit and tailor them to fit your specific needs and situations. Enjoy the process!

Session Slides for The Ideal Team Player

Slide deck on developing skills for the Ideal Team Player.

Hiring Ideal Team Players

Here is a sample of what the program is about.

Developing Skills Artifact

Sample of some artifacts I use during sessions with my team.

Tips for Developing Virtues

Tips on developing the 3 virtues – humble, hungry, and smart.