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Our objective is not to offer exhaustive and detailed information, but instead offer informative and transformative “seeds” for you to select and explore, enabling you to nurture, cultivate, and develop your management and leadership capabilities.

I've had the privilege of working under remarkable managers and leaders who have been inspirational role models for me. Drawing from their influence, along with my own experiences in management and leadership, I established this website. My goal is to share insights and plant the seeds of "I Power Ideas" to support you in your personal journey. I hope you find this journey enriching and wish you the utmost success.

Devin Smith, Founder

Enhance your experience and journey

We have collected and assembled numerous and outstanding resources to support your goals in developing and enhancing your management and leadership skills and knowledge.

Our collection includes insightful articles, practical tools, and engaging learning materials, all carefully selected to empower your personal and professional growth in these vital areas.

Our goal is to provide resources tailored for those aspiring to management and leadership positions, as well as to enrich and enhance the abilities and understanding of those already in these roles.

Otto Landaverde, VP of Design

I Power Ideas

We are managers and leaders dedicated to promoting collaboration and sharing ideas and experiences to inspire and support those aiming to improve and enhance their skills.

Our goal is to offer a starting point, a framework, or a catalyst for you to embark on your enriching journey of learning and development management and leadership.

We value your input and encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions on our blog posts. We want to cultivate and nurture a professional learning community (PLC) where you can learn at your own pace, selecting topics that resonate with your personal and professional growth objectives.

I want to provide a place and platform offering wide range array of topics to assist those aspiring to become more effective managers or leaders. The content in the blog posts is designed to spark your curiosity and interest, similar to what motivated me during my journey to becoming a skilled and effective manager and leader. This inspiration was particularly fueled as I earned my ITIL Certified Practitioner and began incorporating the concepts and frameworks I learned into my own practices.

These powerful ideas and frameworks set off a ripple effect in my lifelong learning mind-set, broadening my knowledge and experience and ultimately deepening my wisdom. What started as a few pages in OneNote has grown and evolved into over twenty-four notebooks, each filled with thoughts, ideas, and notes from books, lectures, videos, and professional training and workshops.

My hope and goal is to plant and sow these seeds with visitors to this site, igniting enthusiasm and a passion for embarking on a personal journey to enhance your management and leadership styles.

I wish each one of you a bright, enlightening, joyful, and fulfilling journey as you explore the topics that capture your interest.

Devin Smith