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Attention all Managers and Leaders!


Are you feeling swamped by spreadsheets, drowning in emails, and lost in endless meetings?  Escape the chaos and reclaim your sanity with our “I Power Escape Plan”!


Imagine swapping your boardroom for a game controller, your suit for a sweat suit, and your inbox for an ‘out of office’ inbox and picking up an incredible book.  With our expertly hand-selected items, tailored just for the overworked and under-vacationed, you’ll find the perfect escape to recharge those leadership batteries.


So fellow leaders, it’s time to lead by example and show your teams the importance of work-life balance.  After all, a rested boss is a happy boss!


Remember, the great escape isn’t just for the movies; it’s just a click away.  And who knows, you might just come back with the best ideas you’ve ever had.


Click an escape plan below and begin your escape!

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