Students Share Their Leadership Experience

Belpre Elementary School students share their leadership experience


Belpre Elementary School has a program for students to become a leader and improve their communication skills.


“Leadership mostly because you are very kind and when you are on the lighthouse team and you are like a mean person, people aren’t going to think of you as a leader.  So, what I learn the most is being a leader and being kind you know, helping others whenever they need help because sometimes people don’t ask for help because they are like tough, but sometimes they just need a little help” Maddie Richards, Lighthouse team student.


The lighthouse team allows students to become leaders and learn to communicate well with others.


“Whenever we have meetings every Friday, we have to talk a lot and we always have to go over speaking loudly at a good clear level, like at Rockland Ridge we had to do that because sometimes they couldn’t hear me.  So, I had to repeat and that’s okay just don’t be mean and do not yell at them so that really has helped my communication skills.” Ellie Whitlatch, Lighthouse team student.


These student leader recognize not everyone is in the same boat as others.


“Everybody doesn’t have life as you do, something could be going on at their house or in their life and you just do not know so I think it is important to be kind and be a leader because sometimes that can just really help other people.” Ava Colvin, Lighthouse team student.


A common favorite part within the team is being kind and being a role model for other students.


“My favorite part is probably the morning announcement.  I like showing on the announcements we do habits and do inspiring quotes and I like spreading the word about being kind.” Chloe Hess, Lighthouse team student.


I like helping others and I know it probably means a lot to them whenever I smile especially if they are having a bad day.” Raelynn Gibbs, Lighthouse team student.


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