Strengths Based Leadership

The most effective leaders are always investing in strengths.

The most effective leaders surround themselves with the right people and then maximize their team.

The most effective leaders understand their followers’ needs.



To keep with the theme of the I Power Ideas site, this will not be an in-depth review but rather selecting highlights to pique your interest in the book and its concepts to then read the book and take a deeper dive into the details of these concepts. Enjoy.



Efforts have been focused on trying to mimic traits of leaders he has known or read about.


I’ve never met an effective leader who wasn’t aware of their talents and working to sharpen them.


US employees only use 32% of their strengths.


The 4 domains of leadership strength:
• Executing
• Influencing
• Relationship building
• Strategic thinking


People create memories, not things. The real value comes from the ladies and gentlemen (employees) who bring that to life.


What distinguishes strong teams from dysfunctional ones is the debate doesn’t cause them to fragment. Instead of becoming more isolated during tough times, these teams actually gain strength and develop cohesion.


For a team to create sustained growth, the leader must continue to invest in each person’s strengths and in building better relationships among the group members.


Followers’ 4 basic needs
• Trust
• Compassion
• Stability
• Hope


Also important are honesty, integrity, respect, transparency, confidence, initiating and responding.


The most effective leaders also get people to follow.


Strong leaders understand where to invest their time to get the greatest return on their strengths.


Strength Themes:
• Achieve
• Adaptability
• Analytical
• Command
• Communication
• Connectedness
• Deliberative
• Developer
• Empathy
• Focus
• Harmony
• Include
• Input
• Learner
• Maximizer
• Positivity
• Responsibility
• Strategic


Leading with an achiever:
• Build trust
• Show compassion
• Provide stability
• Create hope





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This is a classic book where its concepts are still steadfast and true today. The concepts when followed will provide incredible results in loyalty, productivity, and performance.

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