Spot Insecurity in any Leader

“A lot of things can happen when you have an insecure leader.  None of it very good.”


If a leader is wracked with insecurity, it won’t simply render them ineffective. It will actually undermine everything they have been attempting to build.


But this raises an important question; “Is there an objective way to tell if you really are a secure leader?”


While there may be no scientifically verifiable way to know for sure, the following self-evaluation questions can give you a pretty good idea.


  1. If a contribution I made to a project is not publicly acknowledged, do I feel wronged?


  1. Do I feel a hint of jealousy when the accomplishment of a colleague is being celebrated?


  1. If I hear about a meeting that I was not invited to, do I feel concerned about being excluded?


  1. Am I uncomfortable letting someone else lead a meeting when I am technically in charge?


  1. Do I need to be “cc’d” on every email that flows through my department?


  1. Am I easily upset if someone points out ways in which my work could improve?


  1. Do I place my own survival ahead of the team’s mission?


  1. Do I get nervous if I am not hearing people say good things about me?


  1. Is it important that people consider me to be more successful than my predecessor?


  1. Do I feel in any way threatened when I see a younger leader rising through the ranks?


If you said “Yes” to several of these questions, you might have a concerning level of insecurity in your leadership.


And while there’s no magic wand you can wave to eradicate insecurity, the first step to overcoming these tendencies is through ruthless self-awareness.  Keep a list like this handy, review it often, and use it to measure your growth as a secure leader.


Because it’s true; a lot of things can happen when you have an insecure leader.


None of it very good.



I Power Seeds

Here are our takeaways and thoughts - pause and reflect, then nourish and grow!

Being secure is important for a leader.  You don’t have to be the subject matter expert to have confidence.


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