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Here is another I Power Seed for you. If you are looking for a good introduction book into Scrum and one that you can get through easily and quickly while providing a general foundation to get you started with Scrum, this is the book.


I would recommend it to anyone who is new to Scrum and wanted to get a high-level understanding of it and its framework. Once they read the book, I think they get inspired and dig deeper into Scrum. I will also be posting reviews of books that go into Scrum in more detail.


As Scrum is a member of the Agile family of management systems, I would also check out future posts of Agile. Such as New Agile Adopters 


So, take a look at the book and enjoy the beginning into a highly-effective framework. One that is primarily used for software development but the guidelines can also be used with other projects.


Scrum Values

From Amazon


Scrum QuickStart Guide: A Simplified Beginner’s Guide To Mastering Scrum Paperback
by Ed Stark


Scrum, Made Simple


At its philosophical core, Scrum is a truly revolutionary approach to project management. With Scrum, traditional roles of authority are deconstructed, as are the traditional linear (part-1, part-2, etc.) approaches to getting things done within a team. Scrum teaches that better results are possible by embracing a more elliptical and fluid framework, one that emphasizes rigorous collaboration, observation, reflection, experimentation, institutionalized feedback loops and a perpetual quest for process improvements—and that’s just the beginning.


The Scrum QuickStart Guide from ClydeBank Business offers a beginner-friendly walkthrough of this exciting, innovative, and widely acclaimed approach to project management. Unlike other books on Scrum that come flooded with technical jargon and theoretical discussions, The Scrum QuickStart Guide will provide you with a down-to-earth account of the essentials; a foundation to prepare you for your first hands-on forays into the world of Scrum.


As is true with all titles throughout the ClydeBank Business library, the best-selling Scrum QuickStart Guide treats readers to a gloriously simplified account of the subject matter. Prepare for an introduction to Scrum that’s at once robust and friendly to newcomers. Happy learning!


You’ll Learn…

  • How Scrum Asserted Itself as a Necessary Offshoot of the Classic Project Management Methodology, Agile
  • The Roles, Process Components and Progress Metrics of Scrum—What They are and How to Use Them
  • The Anatomy of “the Sprint” the Primary Building Block of a Scrum-Driven Endeavor
  • How Scrum Can be Applied Across a Multitude of Different Business Types and Business Sizes
  • How to Lay the Groundwork for Systematic Feedback and Continual Process Improvements
  • How Google, ING, and other Organizations Have Leveraged Scrum to Their Benefit

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