Leader, Role-Model, Go-Getter

Senior Airman Alix Hayes

Hayes took charge of the annual “Food Vulnerability Assessment,” a task involving the inspection of six facilities to identify vulnerabilities. Her efforts successfully pinpointed 13 vulnerabilities that could have led to potential ‘food fraud’ items being sold by external vendors on the base.


Furthermore, Hayes played a crucial role in safeguarding a $20 million food supply, a contribution that contributed to the 377 MDG clinching the prestigious 2022 Air Force Global Strike Command Surgeon General Clinic of the Year award.


Hayes made significant improvements in the medical in-processing system, ensuring that 155 overdue items were addressed for 94 medics, guaranteeing their constant readiness for missions.


Simultaneously, she meticulously audited 119 shops, enabling Kirtland to surpass Air Force standards for the first time in two years. Demonstrating her leadership skills, Hayes led emergency/incident command training for 15 Airmen, and her efforts led to the updating of four contingency checklists, certifying the Group’s preparedness for potential disaster relief missions.


After receiving recognition, Hayes happily shared, “I especially want to thank my husband for always being there for me during the hardest workdays and I want to give an even bigger shout-out to my coworkers and leadership who always pushed me to do better.”


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This is a great story of someone who grabbed the reins and instinctively showed what management skills she had.  Congrats and a great example.

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