ITIL V4 Foundation Changes

ITIL 4 Foundation

Are you ready for the new changes?


New changes are here for ITIL 4 and being a Certified ITIL Practitioner I wanted to know what was changed as well as provide a quick and high-level summary of changes (I Power Seed).


Hope you find the summary helpful.


Two Quick Points:

  • The focus in ITIL 4 is on service management principles, concepts and practices, rather than processes. This gives service providers more freedom to design tailor-made processes that work for the organization.
  • ITIL 4 also reflects recent trends in software development and IT operations, and includes advice on how to apply philosophies such as Agile, DevOps and Lean in the domain of service management.

What’s New In ITIL 4?  Here is a short video:

Here the Axelos bookITIL Foundation 4 Edition

8 Things that Stand Out in the New ITIL Practitioner Guidance Book


Standout #1: Let’s Start with the ITIL Practitioner Authors
Standout #2: The Acknowledgement of Enterprise Service Management
Standout #3: ITIL Practitioner’s Nine “Guiding Principles”
Standout #4: That CSI is Front and Center
Standout #5: There’s a Deep Dive into Metrics
Standout #6: That the “Continual Improvement of Metrics and Measurements” Is Included
Standout #7: The Organizational Change Management Chapter
Standout #8: Practical Advice and a Practical Toolkit

Here is a Really Good Summary Article:
10 Key Changes in ITIL 4 (and My Take on Them)


Change #1 – The ITIL v3 processes are now ITIL 4 practices
Change #2 – The ITIL service lifecycle has been replaced with the ITIL service value system (SVS) and the service value chain within it
Change #3 – There’s now a focus on the “co-creation of value”
Change #4 – The nine guiding principles of ITIL Practitioner are now seven
Change #5 – There are now even more ITIL 4 practices than there were ITIL v3 processes
Change #6 – The 4 Ps of service management are now the 4 dimensions of service management
Change #7 – CSI has changed
Change #8 – Governance now has a proper seat at the ITIL table
Change #9 – A brighter light has been shone on automation
Change #10 – Enterprise service management is and isn’t mentioned

Here is another video: Capgemini Academy – ITIL 4 vs ITIL 2011

Here is One Way for Training:
Lynda (.com)
Link: Preview of course for ITIL 4: Service Value Chain

If you have an hour, here is a deeper dive into the new changes: ITIL 4: The Changes, What’s New and How it Impacts You

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