Book Clubs Reimagined

Book Clubs Reimagined


Yes, they can become reimagined!  Try this approach, you will be surprised.  The first time I used my new approach we went from only a few attending to standing room only.  The latest time I used this method, 23 out of 26 people invited are participating and the feedback has been nothing but positive and enthusiastic energy.


A professional book club is a collaborative and enriching forum for individuals in similar or diverse fields to come together and discuss books relevant to their careers.


This unique platform encourages continuous learning, exposes members to new ideas and perspectives, and promotes networking in a relaxed, supportive environment.  Attendees benefit from the shared wisdom and experiences of their peers, leading to personal and professional growth.  Engaging with a variety of books can spark innovation, enhance problem-solving skills, and foster a culture of knowledge sharing.


By participating in a professional book club, members not only stay updated with the latest trends and insights but also develop a stronger sense of community and belonging.  This experience enriches their professional journey, making it a valuable addition to their ongoing development.

Here is a simple summary sheet to utilize when explaining how the reimagined book club works.

I Power Seeds

Here are our takeaways and thoughts - pause and reflect, then nourish and grow!

Nothing more to say – just TRY IT!

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