5 Scrum Myths (Mostly False)


This is a nice video about some myths about Scrum (and Agile) software development. It is a recorded webinar but has good content. It is hosted by Simona Millham of CBT Nuggets. I posted in previous posts that I had used CBT Nuggets a long time ago and was not impressed with it and preferred class-based training. However, I recently purchased CBT Nuggets for my team and I started using it and just really enjoy the format – quick 3-8 min videos with a quiz after each video. I have my OneNote open and take notes during each video and I have found I am learning and retaining a lot more because I am visually seeing the creative and energetic presentations as well as writing it down at the same time to reinforce what I just learned in the video.


I hope you enjoy this short video.


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